WARMINGTON: T.O. cop faces internal charge over 2016 incident involving serial killer Bruce McArthur

The first domino to fall in the aftermath of the Bruce McArthur serial killer saga is a veteran Toronto cop who has been charged under the Police Services Act.

The Sun has learned Toronto Police Sgt. Paul Gauthier, who has 15 years on the job, has been charged by the Professional Standards Unit with “insubordination and neglect of duty” and will see his case presented for the first time before a tribunal at Headquarters next week.

Police confirm Gauthier’s case is on the docket for 9 a.m. Tuesday where the information will be presented.

The charge comes on the heels of the Toronto Police Services Board, Chief Mark Saunders and Mayor John Tory promising a thorough probe to determine how McArthur was able to operate for so long – sexually torturing, killing and dismembering eight innocent men – before detection.


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