Ford government unveils plan to 'fix' police watchdog law and put time limits on SIU investigations

Calling the previous government’s police legislation a “disaster,” Ontario’s community safety minister announced proposed new legislation governing policing and its oversight Tuesday morning.

Saying the Safer Ontario Act, the Liberal government’s omnibus police legislation passed less than a year ago, viewed “every police officer in Ontario as a potential criminal,” Sylvia Jones, minister of community safety and correctional services, unveiled proposed new police laws she said would “fix” the previous legislation.

“Make no mistake, the Liberals’ Bill 175 was, quite frankly, the most anti-police legislation in Canadian history. It was a disaster. It would have actively undermined police efforts,” Jones said in a press conference at Halton Regional Police headquarters in Oakville Tuesday.

Jones, alongside Attorney General Caroline Mulroney, announced changes that include the “streamlining” of Ontario’s police watchdog, the Special Investigations Unit (SIU), which investigates deaths, serious injuries and allegations of sexual assault against police officers in the province.


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