126 cases and 0 criminal charges: Is Quebec's police watchdog doing its job?

There are still nights when June Celik wakes up crying, wishing she hadn't called police on her son Koray.

On March 6, 2017, he was acting in a way she had never seen before. The 28-year-old was intoxicated: he had mixed alcohol and percocets prescribed to him because of dental pain.

Koray tried taking his parent's car. June was desperate to stop him; she called Montreal police for help.

That night, four police officers entered Koray's home and, after a brief verbal exchange, tried to detain him.

From the hallway, June and her husband, Cesur, watched as their son was kicked, choked and beaten with batons until his body lay still, and then until his breathing stopped.

The family has been living in grief ever since. The living room of their Île Bizard home is a shrine to their dead son.


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