Toronto cop admits he had ‘no justification’ for Tasering handcuffed man

"Drive-stun" mode is when a CEW is placed directly on a target, causing pain but not the incapacitation from the deployment of wired probes that deliver a high-voltage shock.

"Police Constable Kotzer acknowledges that in the circumstances his use of the CEW amounted to excessive force," reads an agreed statement of fact filed at the tribunal last week.

"Kotzer had no justification for utilizing his CEW on the male party," the documents reads.

The incident comes as a growing number of Toronto police constables are being equipped with CEWs, after a February 2018 decision by the Toronto police board to expand the weapon to more front line officers. Prior to that decision, CEWs were predominantly carried by sergeants, an experienced supervisor but not an officer that's often first on scene.

Since the board approved the purchase of 400 additional CEWs, more than 800 constables have been trained to carry them. Constables recently accounted for 77 per cent of the weapon's use, according a recent quarterly report to the board on Taser use.


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