Toronto cop sentenced to jail for assault after judge finds he ‘falsified’ his account of a videotaped arrest

In a rare decision, a Toronto police officer has been sent to jail for assaulting a handcuffed suspect then attempting to cover it up through a “fictionalized” account that was contradicted by video evidence.

Const. Mehrdad Mahmodian was sentenced to 30 days in custody this week after Ontario Court judge Neil Kozloff ruled he Tasered and kicked a suspect in an “extremely vulnerable” position, then created a “falsified” account in police notes and a use-of-force report.

“What sets this case apart ... is the attempted coverup of his actions by the accused,” Kozloff writes in a Feb. 3 decision that states he may not have sent Mahmodian to jail for the assault alone.

Mahmodian, an officer with 11 years on the job, pleaded guilty late last year to an assault stemming from an October 2019 break-and-enter at a midtown cellphone store. He was criminally charged after an internal investigation by Toronto police’s professional standards unit.


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