Police officer expresses regret with outcome during inquest into B.C. shooting death

A key player in the police takedown of a man who had taken over a trapper’s cabin south of Valemount called the attempt a “failed operation,” when testifying at a coroner’s inquest Monday, because it ended in the subject’s death rather than a peaceful arrest.

The inquest is being held into the Sept. 17, 2014 shooting death of John Robert Buehler, 51. Daughter Shanna Buehler was also shot but survived. A seven-person jury has been appointed to make recommendations to help prevent similar deaths in the future.

“It absolutely failed,” Staff Sgt. Dan Holt said. “We went in there to affect their arrest and we failed in our objectives. And as a police officer, I’m going to tell you straight out that I made those decisions and I am accountable for those decisions and I consider that the young men who were in my charge at that time conducted themselves with the utmost professionalism.


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