Halifax man alleges racial bias after arrest, jailing while making call in park

HALIFAX—A Halifax man is alleging racial profiling played a role in his arrest and jailing after he and his spouse pulled their vehicle into a park to make a cellphone call in 2018.

Adam LeRue, who is Black, and his wife Kerry Morris, who is white, attempted to bring their complaint before the Nova Scotia Police Review Board today.

The complaint, which involves two Halifax police officers, alleges LeRue alone was targeted with hefty fines for being in the Dingle park’s parking lot after hours on the night of Feb. 12, while others in the area weren’t punished.

Morris is also alleging she was mistreated when police removed her from the couple’s vehicle.

LeRue says he was charged with obstruction of justice and taken to jail, where he suffered overnight as he didn’t have access to a puffer for his asthma.


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