Halifax couple's complaint cites racial profiling and unnecessary arrest by police

A complaint of racial profiling and unwarranted arrest against two Halifax regional police officers is now mired in jurisdictional uncertainty.

Adam LeRue, 42, and Kerry Morris, 40, say they were out picking up a pizza on the night of Feb. 12, 2018, when they pulled their truck into a parking lot at Dingle Park to make a cellphone call at about 10 p.m.

“Basically, I was racially profiled in the park and I was arrested,” said LeRue. “Kerry was ripped out of the truck. I went to jail that night.

“I thought it was racial profiling but how do you prove that? How does a guy pull over to use the phone, doing the right thing, end up in jail?”

LeRue says Halifax Regional Police constables Kenneth O’Brien and Brent Woodworth pulled up behind him when he was making the phone call.

LeRue said O’Brien began to demand things from him and in the process told him that he was issuing him a ticket for more than $220 for being in the park after dark contrary to a municipal bylaw.

He was also told he was being ticketed for failing to provide identification and for obstructing justice.


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