Vernon woman suing for injuries caused during RCMP sting operation

A Vernon woman with a lengthy criminal record is suing the province claiming she was injured when two police vehicles purposely crashed into a car she was a passenger in during an RCMP sting operation in Sicamous.

The incident took place January 2019 when the RCMP was staking out a suspect thought to be involved in an armed robbery.

In her notice of claim Dec. 23, Kimberley Lou Daley said she was falsely arrested during the incident and sustained serious injuries to her back, neck and shoulders due to the collision.

The 45-year-old filed her claim against the Minister of Public Safety and the Solicitor General of B.C. and the Attorney General of Canada.

According to the court documents, Daley was the passenger in a Toyota backing out of her daughter's driveway in Sicamous early in the afternoon.

The document says as the Toyota was reversing, two RCMP vehicles "purposefully collided" with the vehicle she was in. One RCMP vehicle hit the right front bumper, the other purposely hit the left fender and left front door. Daley got out of the vehicle and was arrested, along with the driver of the vehicle, Louis Roebuck.

However, the RCMP were looking for a different person, who at the time was a suspect in an armed robbery.


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