'The system ultimately has to change': Montreal woman claims police were insensitive in dealing with stalking

A Montreal woman is speaking out after she says police were insensitive when dealing with alleged criminal harassment two years ago.

Concordia University PHD candidate Anastasia Boldireff says Montreal police officers were insensitive, inappropriate and neglectful on two separate occasions when seeking help regarding her alleged stalker in 2019.

The Center for Research-Action on Race Relations says the man accused of stalking her has a long criminal record of sexual assault.

Boldireff is speaking out to raise awareness and demand systemic change within the police and justice system.

“I felt like I didn’t have the support of the police, I didn’t have the support of my peers, I didn’t have the support of my university,” Boldireff told CityNews.

“There were a lot of instances of neglect, a lot of instances where I was trivialized, where my safety wasn’t really taken into account,” she added.


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