Police and Fire Dept Harassment in Scarborough

29 Novembre 2022


This is my youtube channel that I use to document the police and fire department harassment.

My name is Justin Krane, and my husband's name is Lawrence White. We are both targets of government-sanctioned harassment, and stalking by white supremacist hate groups. The Ku Klux Klan are very active in Toronto, and with the Toronto Police and Fire Services. We live in a building run by Toronto Community Housing Corporation, where we are being harassed, slandered, and discriminated by neighbours, city housing workers, Toronto Police Services, and Toronto Fire Services. If I were to explain everything that is going on, I would have to write a book about our experiences. I am just going to share one aspect of this harassment - the constant fire alarms used to disrupt our sleep, and drive us crazy. The fire alarms started at the City of Toronto Roehampton Hotel Shelter, and continued when we moved to 4301 Kingston. They increased when we complained about harassment and stalking by neighbours. TCHC and the City of Toronto, responded by trying to remove my RGI subsidy. We fought back, filed an HRTO complaint, and we got married to solidify our RGI (and because we love each other). The police are extremely homophobic, as is TCHC, despite all the political posturing vitrue signalling to the contrary. After we got married, it became much harded for them to justify cancelling my RGI, and the neighbours (who invade our privacy) got very angry! The fire alarms increased exponentially after we got married. There is other noise harassment as well, but I am going to focus on the fire alarms. The fire alarms are the easiest to prove, and there is a very obvious police cover up.

TCHC has their own police force, CSU Special Constables. TCHC is a corrupt organization as a whole, as are their special constables. They are working to cover up for these fire alarms. There have been over 100 in the last few months. We know that they are directed at us specifically.

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