150 RCMP 1873-2023

RCMP 150

On May 23, 2023, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police will mark its 150th anniversary with a mythological commemoration of service to the country.

The National RCMP Research Council seeks to amend these gaps in our national memory about the real history of the force.

This “major historical milestone,” as the RCMP call it, is certainly a chance to reflect on “our storied past,” but we intend to tell stories here of those impacted by the power of this force to enact terrible violence and oppression.

This website project would be unnecessary, if not for the lack of institutional accountability the RCMP has demonstrated, despite numerous attempts by RCMP officers themselves, royal commissions, reports, and thousands of civilian complaints. It presents an opportunity for a wholesale rethinking of the role of the RCMP in Canadian society.

The histories presented here are important for every Canadian to know and understand. Read, share, and teach.

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