External investigation ordered after Waterloo regional police arrest video surfaces

An external police service and a use of force expert will be called in to investigate after a video of an arrest in Waterloo region surfaced online recently.

Waterloo Regional Police Service Chief Bryan Larkin says the video was tied to an arrest that happened at 1 a.m. Sunday.

He said two officers stopped a suspect over issues with the vehicle's headlights.

He said the officers then went to a nearby community centre parking lot to debrief the traffic stop, when the suspect's car pulled up.

The officers heard a popping sound, now believed to be fireworks, and mistook it for gunshots, Larkin said. Then, other officers who were called to the scene believed the suspect's car was trying to swerve toward them, he said.

Police then located the suspect at a nearby gas station parking lot and took him out of the car.


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