Criminal wrongdoing ruled out in fatal shooting of Corner Brook man Jorden McKay

An external investigation into the death of a Corner Brook man fatally shot by an on-duty Royal Newfoundland Constabulary police officer found no criminal conduct in the matter.

The Nov. 27, 2018 shooting killed 27-year-old Jorden McKay.

The findings of the investigation were released Monday by Newfoundland and Labrador's serious-incident response team, which oversaw the Ontario Provincial Police probe into McKay's death.

According to the SIRT-NL report, police had been called to McKay's home on Carriage Lane by his former girlfriend after allegedly breaching conditions not to contact her. Officers noticed the woman had a swollen bottom lip and cheekbone.

He also had a four-page criminal record that included charges of assault and unlawfully being in a dwelling and convictions of assault with a weapon.


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